Meet Our Pastors

Alex & Jacky Weitkamp are the founding Pastors of The River Church Munich. After the Lord spoke to them, they moved in June of 2022 with their two children from Tampa, Florida to the Munich area to start the Church and to see Munich, Germany and Europe shaken and to see people fulfill their God given purpose.

Alex was born and raised in Pennsylvania into a wonderful family. At a young age he began to go down the wrong direction running to drugs, alcohol and a Party lifestyle. He had a personal encounter with God in 2011. Shortly after that, Alex received a Scholarship to River University in Tampa, Florida under the leadership of Drs Rodney & Adonica Howard-Browne.

Jacky was born and raised in Germany. After getting saved and having an encounter with the Lord in 2014 she moved to Tampa, Florida in 2015 to start River University to pursue her calling.

Alex & Jacky met at the River at Tampa Bay Church and got married in 2017. They were involved and trained in many different departments of the ministry. While being involved at their church, running a business and starting a family, the Lord spoke to them to move to Germany and to start The River Church Munich.
Alex & Jacky are ordained ministers under the covering of Revival Ministries International with Drs Rodney & Adonica Howard-Browne.

The heart of Alex & Jacky is to see people getting saved, raised up and to fulfill their God given purposed here in this earth. They believe that this is the hour of the church and that God will send another great spiritual awakening.